Whitelabel Your NFT Marketplace

The easiest way to create, buy and sell NFTs.
But how can you leverage NFTs for your business?
  • Get your marketplace up and running FAST 
  • Credit card, bank transfer and crypto payments for your marketplace
  • No wallet needed for end users Multiple blockchain support to manage fees
  • Integration with OpenSea and other major NFT marketplaces
  • No cost NFT creation
  • Launch your 10k NFT collection
  • Integrated custom solutions for your needs
While new NFT marketplaces are popping up every day, they can have a high barrier to entry with high Gas fees, unfamiliar jargon, unfamiliar sign up process that requires a wallet, and interfaces that are so complex to use you literally need to rely on YouTube follow along video tutorials just to create an NFT.
What makes our marketplace great
Easy to Buy
Easy to Buy
99.999% of the masses are not buying NFTs because they don’t have a crypto wallet. The process to get one is clunky, confusing, and can be - not safe!
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
Creatify has top security that is pre-integrated into every NFT and is the industry-first token with on-chain media file hashes that links our NFTs to the media they represent, not just metadata or a URL.
Lazy Minting
Zero Cost Minting
Create your NFTs on multiple blockchains with eco-green minting!

Finally, the easiest way to buy, sell and create NFTs is here.
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