Accept Credit Cards 
For Your NFT Project
No Wallet Needed 

96% of potential NFT buyers do not have cryptocurrency and/or a crypto wallet.
Once customers make it to your page, you should keep them there. With Creatify's Credit Card solution, we make it easy for buyers to buy and sellers to sell. It's that simple.
Add More Payment Options to your Website
Cast a larger net by adding multiple payment options for your launch. All you need to do is enter in basic information about your project then copy and paste one line of code.
NFT 10k Collection
Can handle thousands of transactions in minutes. Instant identification checks. Able to withstand a lighting fast sell out.
All users are verified safely and securely. Creatify checks all the legal boxes so you don't have to.
Purchase NFTs on the go from your phone. Add Credit Card payments to your website with one line of code.
Why send the majority of your traffic away to Coinbase? Let's make it easier for everyone and welcome more NFT holders to your space.
Supported Blockchains
What is Creatify and what do you do?
Creatify provides simple easy to use solutions to help you build and launch NFT projects. We've helped launched multiple successful NFT projects and have seen the pain points for NFT project owners. Our core solutions enable you to launch your own 10k NFT project and sell more, faster. Our newest and most impactful offering is the ability to accept credit card payments for purchases of your NFTs.

Best of all, its free for you the project owner!
How do we sell more by adding the credit card payment for NFT minting?
Only a small number of people have crypto wallets but almost everyone has a card/fiat. This helps expand your market to support sales to a much larger audience. 

Further, when we ran successful launches in the past, we found some buyers couldn't buy the NFT because fiat onramps like Coinbase can prevent buyers from withdrawing their ETH in time to make a purchase with Metamask - buying with credit card is immediate and reduces this issue for your customers.

You'll also reduce the need for educating your buyers about Metamask and the n+ steps it takes to get money from fiat to a Metamask wallet. Buyers will simply be able to take their credit card and buy!
Can we still accept crypto payments if we do this?
Yes! Our service is designed to work as an additional option for your customers to buy NFTs. You still can use your traditional crypto payment methods.
How does your credit card solution work for paying for NFTs with a credit card?
1. Sign up and tell us your NFT contract address, and the method call you use for purchases.
2. Paste our script snippet onto your page. Customers will see a card payment form that lets them buy your NFTs.
3. We capture the card payment and interact with your contract on behalf of the customer.
How much programing will I need to do?
Not much. All you will need to do is fill out a form with details about your project then copy and paste one line of code. Changing the style is up to you.
What Blockchains do you support?
We currently support Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, EOS, AVAX, and Fantom.
What Blockchains are next on your roadmap?
We’ll soon support Solana, Algorand, Casper and Cardano chains.
Won't this hurt Crypto?
Not at all, behind the scenes crypto is still bought and used for transactions. The buyer just doesn't need to worry about it. The more people we bring into the space the better for Crypto as a whole.
What if my users already have a Wallet, they just want to pay with their card?
Perfect! We make it easy for everyone, whether you are an advanced Crypto hodler or a noob. We got you.
Where are the NFTs for customers who don't have a wallet?
Customers NFTs are securely stored with Creatify.
Will my project still show up on OpenSea and other platforms?
Yes. Opensea is a secondary sales platform. Once your customers mint their NFT it will appear in your customer’s wallet on Opensea. 
What does it cost?
Right now our service is completely free for projects! We take a fee from the NFT buyer to cover the cost of transactions but you, the NFT project, still receive your full NFT sale price.

Finally, the easiest way to buy, sell and create NFTs is here.
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