NFTs Made Simple.
The easiest way to create, buy and sell NFTs.
Why Creatify is Unique
Creatify is singularly focused on making NFTs simple.
Easiest platform to buy and sell NFTs
Creatify enables users to buy NFTs with crypto and fiat currency opening up the market to new NFT buyers
Multichain NFT support including BSC and Ethereum
Creatify enables buyers to decide which chain to mint the NFT on thereby optimizing for fees
Provable and Secure NFTs
Creatify NFTs include provability right in the contract itself enabling holders of NFTs to ensure their NFT is what they expect it to be.
Launch website and finalize tokennomics
Creatify is launching its initial website (this) and finalizing our tokenomics structure.
Launch token pre-sale
Creatify will be raising its initial capital through a token pre-sale.
Launch NFT marketplace
Creatify will launch its NFT marketplace with a small number of NFTs created by well known celebrities.
Public sale of CFY
After raising for its pre-sale, Creatify will be launching its CFY token on a leading launchpad.
Sign up for our first NFT drop
We're building something super exciting. Sign up now to get updates on Creatify's upcoming token and NFT platform launches.
NFTs made simple. Creatify is the easiest way to create, buy and sell NFTs. We lower the barriers for people buying NFTs while simultaneously making the easiest way for creators to make NFTs.
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